Commit To You Challenge

Join the Fit Tribe for a 6 week challenge.  Our dedicated team of experts will inspire you to get fit through a total life approach!

  • Anti-inflammatory Protocol

    Adding foods to your daily meals that fight inflammation and cutting out foods that have been shown to contribute to it.

  • Shopping Guides, Suggested Menus, and Cooking Tutorials

    Videos, Printables, Tips, and more to help you navigate the grocery store and your kitchen in support of your new healthy lifestyle.

  • Healthy Living 1:1 Coaching

    Access to a supportive mentor and wellness advocate who will help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle and feel your best through individualized health and nutrition changes.

  • Goal Setting/Achieving Strategies

    Learn to set achievable goals and develop an effective plan to conquer them.

  • Weekly Progress Tracking

    Participate in weekly weigh-ins and other progress tracking metrics so you can make adjustments as needed to ensure your success.

  • Facebook Support Group

    Be part of our Fit Tribe community and receive support, motivation, tips and more while connecting with other women on a similar journey.

Upon joining, you'll receive a welcome email, a 1:1 session with a coach, and a Commit To You Challenge information packet.

This is your tribe

Susan Belcher Fit Tribe Coach

Connect with Susan

Susan Belcher

Susan is passionate about Dance, Fitness and Heath. Her Zumba classes provide a total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

Jennifer Taylor Fit Tribe Florida

Connect with Jennifer

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer has over 10 years of experience with holistic and healthy living, on the inside and out.  As a representative for Arbonne she work with her clients on their outer beauty.  Through Fit Tribe she coaches on inner beauty, through proper diet and exercise to keep you strong and radiant.

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